Band with local ties to appear on TV

Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2007


ROGERS ó No matter what, David and Judy Lewis of Rogers will be in front of the TV set Thursday to catch the Rachael Ray morning talk show.

Two of their grandsons will be featured on the program Thursday. The boys ó 13-year old Sawyer Goodson and 11-year old Evan Goodson of Chico, Calif. ó along with their band, Jet Fuel Only, taped the television program in New York City last week. The show will air locally on Thursday. ď Iím really proud of them and Iím proud of my son Daniel for helping them get the band started, Ē David Lewis explained. ď I think the band has done a lot of good; thatís for sure. Ē

The band, Jet Fuel Only, is more than a cool rock band popular with junior high and high school students. Itís an inspiration. Both Goodson boys have some physical challenges that have made them the targets of taunting and teasing. Sawyer was diagnosed with Aspergerís syndrome, a mild form of autism, when he was 6. Evan suffers from sensory integration issues.

Daniel, the boysí dad, said the teasing by kids was relentless. He happened to read an article about how music promotes brain development. Endorsed by him, the brothers started the band. Joining them were two other kids, and Jet Fuel Only has become a hot commodity.

ď Itís been amazing, Ē Daniel said. ď Instead of being hassled all the time, the boys have become popular. Kids want to be friends with them now. People magazine did a story on them in December, and they were invited to appear on Rachael Rayís show just last week. Itís a big change for our family. Ē

The band hosts sold-out performances in the area around their hometown of Chico, Calif. Music has been called the universal language. For Sawyer and Goodson, music unlocked the doors of unhappiness and led them to acceptance and joy.

Rachael Rayís show is on CBS at 9 a. m. weekdays.